Sustainability Driven

Responsible sourcing policies

PART OF PATHWAY 2 Implement sustainable procurement practices


In 2020, Bridgestone Group’s Sustainable Procurement Working Group initiated work with WWF Japan to develop a process for ensuring the company’s supply chain is in compliance with its Global Sustainable Procurement Policy, especially in upholding human rights and safeguarding environment. The cooperation has continued in 2022, with the aim to strengthen sustainable rubber production and build the capacity of smallholders.   

The company conducted the first on-site ESG audit of its Tier 1 natural rubber processing factory and a natural rubber plantation in Thailand virtually in March. If the audits identify a risk, the group will continuously support and develop a plan to prevent/mitigate the risk together with suppliers. The group committed to conducting on-site ESG audits of 21 natural rubber processing facilities and 4 natural rubber plantations by the end of 2022.   



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